Build the Healthcare Workforce of the Future

Catalyst Learning Company (CLC) is an ideal partner for State/Local WIBs and other workforce organizations whose goal is to grow the healthcare workforce in their communities. Since 2004, CLC programs have reached over 18,000 low-wage incumbent workers in over 500 hospitals in 46 states. Our proven frontline workforce development programs help low-skilled employees move into middle-skilled jobs and achieve higher wages. CLC’s strong healthcare employer relationships stand out and can help you achieve your healthcare workforce goals! 

Incumbent Worker Training
Preparation for Healthcare Work
Nurse Continuing Education

Benefits to Workforce Boards:


  • Strengthen connections to local healthcare employers
  • Healthcare sector strategy; proven programs to accelerate your efforts
  • Support healthcare career pathways for low wage incumbent workers, dislocated workers and youth
  • Deliver WIOA Outcomes (e.g. portable credential, employee retention and earning gains)

Sample Applications

The City of Chicago collaborated with CLC and local healthcare employers on a city-wide incumbent workforce development program.

Goodwill Industries of Detroit provides pre-employment training for under- or unemployed young adults utilizing CLC's education and career development system. 

Milwaukee, St. Louis, Atlanta, and Hartford WIBs partnered with local healthcare workplaces & CLC to provide upward mobility.

"The School at Work program...was a great asset to the community. These programs have helped many Hartford residents improve their math, language, and interpersonal skills; those skills are then reinvested in the community." Mayor Eddie Perez


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"Due to the ever increasing demand for skilled healthcare workers, it makes good economic sense to invest in your own people.  SAW provided a great service to our community by providing hospitals with a tool to funnel existing talent through the pipeline.  This was a win for the employer, the employee, and ARC  as we move incumbent workers upward and open entry-level jobs to new workers to join the workforce.” 

Mary Margaret Garrett

Retired Chief, Workforce Development Division, Atlanta Regional Commission