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Dawn Bishop - 2013 Dream Achiever Award Recipient Catalyst Learning

Dawn Bishop is a mother of four who has always wanted the best for her family, especially that the children obtain a college education. However, Dawn was concerned that her own dreams for higher education may be out of reach. In Spring 2013, Dawn graduated from the Expanding Your Career and Healthcare Opportunities (ECHO) program. The Bishop children were not only proud of their mother’s accomplishment, but also found inspiration seeing her in the graduation ceremony. “I am not going to say that it is easy,” Dawn said. “But with the confidence I gained after completing the ECHO program, I am now pursuing a college degree. I am a Dream Achiever!” Dawn graduated from ECHO in April and started college in May. As her family and coworkers can attest, Dawn is truly an ECHO star.

"Dream Achievers!" awards recognize professional and personal accomplishments in the health care industry. The awards are part of a nationwide contest sponsored by Catalyst Learning. Catalyst Learning is a leader in healthcare workforce development with an emphasis on strengthening the front-line workers employed in entry- and mid-level positions.

Employers nominate employees for the “Dream Achievers!” award based on an employee’s continuing efforts towards professional education and career achievement, as well as serving as an inspiration to coworkers and members of the community. Nominees were selected through an online voting process hosted by Catalyst Learning.

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