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CareerCare - Catalyst Learning Company

CareerCare is your organization’s pro-active approach to workforce development and succession planning. This online system helps mid-level employees plan and manage their careers with your organization.


  • Increase Employee Engagement

  • Reduce Turnover

  • Support your Aspiring Leader or Mentor Program

  • Maximize Tuition Reimbursement Investments

  • Retain and Redeploy Loyal Employees

  • Expanded Career Advising and Recruiting Capabilities

  • Save HR Staff Time


CLP Process

Enterprise Version

    Additional features:
  • Customized Branding: Branding will be consistent with your organization’s logo and brand image.

  • Professional Development Resources: This section will provide a resource for administrators and advisors to upload documents unique to your organization. These documents may be used to provide Individual Development Plans, job outlook and additional information to supplement a participant’s research.

  • Customized Compensation Information, Job Titles and Job Descriptions: With the CareerCare Enterprise license, users will see compensation, job titles and descriptions that are unique to your organization.

  • Organizational Reporting Capabilities: Organizational and group reporting to allow administrators to manage the entire organization or drill down to individual training groups.

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