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Career and Learning Plan Center


Whether using SAW, ECHO or CareerCare, the Career and Learning Plan (CLP) is the heart of your employees’ career development process; it’s what makes Catalyst Learning’s career development system a system.


The written CLP, developed by the participant, helps employees identify and achieve personal career goals through self-assessments and other exercises. The workbook, combined with activities completed in the online CLP Center and mentors develop the plan. SAW and ECHO students use the CLP Center in a classroom-based facilitated environment. CareerCare users access tools and complete activities independently.


A four step process gives participants the tools needed to critically assess personal interests and aptitudes, research suitable careers and map out the next steps needed to achieve goals, all before a one-on-one advising session takes place.


Customized Career Interest Survey

Career Interest Survey
The CLP Center’s healthcare-specific Career Interest Survey is a self assessment tool that provides your employee with an objective look at personal interests, as applied to jobs in your unique environment. After completing an interest survey, each employee receives an extensive report customized to the healthcare industry.

Students receive list of top job groups after completing survey

Jobs Database and Videos
The next two steps of the process, “Exploring and Investigating Career Options” are completed in the  Research Section, which includes an in-depth description of over 225 healthcare jobs in 23 different categories. Employees have access to brief job shadowing videos that enhance the exploration process.  By learning about the skills needed for specific jobs, employees confidently explore careers they know are a good fit and quickly eliminate other jobs without the time and expense of job shadowing.


Click thumbnail to view sample video.


Tools to Fine-Tune the Customized Career Plan
Employees prepare for the future using the CLP Center’s wide array of tools to qualify career direction and prepare them for college and/or their next position.  Tools include self-paced PowerPoint presentations on professional development topics such as Communication, Professional Image, Resume Writing, Interviewing Skills, and Networking.  An extensive School Search database provides links to local higher-education institutions, allowing employees to investigate local healthcare programs prior to speaking with their advisor and/or your tuition reimbursement representative 


Click thumbnail to view School Search.

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