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Leading Multigenerational Teams

Every day we see mix-ups and misunderstandings in the workplace because of generational differences.
Have you ever said or heard these things?

“You’re right, but I’m the boss!”
“I remember when….”
“The kid wants a promotion six months out of nursing school!”
“No, you cannot put that on Facebook! Put your phone down.”
“It’s 5 o’clock, I’m getting out of here.”
“Why do we have to put everything into a computer?”

Research shows that each generation has competing priorities, work styles, and expectations. These differences add value to work teams, but can also create workplace tension. Effective supervisors know how to leverage these differences. They lead others toward better understanding and teamwork by adapting a leadership style to accommodate different generational perspectives, strengths, and expectations.


Course participants will have the opportunity to practice a three-step framework to effectively handle conflicts and communication issues that arise from generational differences.

Course Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize the value and challenges of multiple generations working together in today’s healthcare environment.
  • Examine ones’ own attitudes regarding various generations and how this impacts team leadership.
  • Compare and contrast generational traits and the experiences that have shaped each generation.
  • Identify common challenges faced by leaders of multigenerational teams.
  • Apply a 3-step framework for communicating effectively and motivating high performance.

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