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Catalyst Learning Blog


Articles, case studies, and success stories to guide and inspire healthcare HR, Organizational Development, and Clinical professionals.

Catalyst Learning & NCharge at the 2015 ANCC Magnet Conference chardyadmin
Since the launch of NCharge at the 2014 Conference, nurse leadership pioneers have proven the value of the NCharge development series with their frontline nurses. 

This year, it could be your turn to bring home something game-changing for your nurses, their patients, and the organization. Catalyst Learning will be exhibiting at ANCC in October - just next week! CLC has a special offer to ANCC attendees so be sure to let us know if you will be attending to get details. 

Attending? Make an appointment now to meet with Lynn or Cindy and discuss your frontline nurse development needs.


CLC at ASHHRA 2015 - New & Flexible Programs for SAW Grads and Nurses chardyadmin

No one delivers frontline learning and development like Catalyst Learning does!  Your workforce and their development needs are diverse. Your time and resources are limited.  These are just two reasons why you'll find new, more flexible, targeted programs in our booth this coming weekend. 


Visit Catalyst Learning at the 2015 ASHHRA Conference Booth #731 where we will be will be demonstrating an exciting NEW leadership development series at this year's ASHHRA Conference! The organization that brought you School at Work® (SAW), the most progressive tool for entry level development and retention, has new tools and applications to share with HR leaders.


Those who visit the booth will also have the opportunity to enter for our prize drawing!


Make an appointment to visit Lynn or Cindy in the Catalyst Learning booth #731 for a special offer on our newest release - NCharge®.

Mercy Health: Living the Mission through Education of Frontline Co-workers Catalyst Learning


Providing educational opportunities to frontline co-workers is deeply rooted in the mission of Mercy, headquartered in Chesterfield, Missouri, whether they work in rural areas or the ministry’s largest hospitals. Leaders of Mercy recognize that education allows co-workers to realize their abilities, advance financially, and improve their own sense of dignity. Sister Mary Roch Rocklage, RSM, health ministry liaison and a respected leader in the healthcare community, understands that education is inherent to improving the lives and capabilities of ministry co-workers.


“Education ties in to what we are about,” Sister Roch said. “It comes from a Latin word – educare – that means... Read More

IFD Institute For Diversity National Conference June 12-13 Catalyst Learning

CLC is attending the Institute for Diversity 2014 National Leadership and Education Conference – will we see you there?


Promote Equity through Education


Uncover the potential in front-line employees with Catalyst Learning’s career development programs.


Catalyst Learning programs help to eliminate disparities in healthcare management and expand leadership opportunities among ethnically, culturally and racially diverse individuals.


We invite you to learn more at the Institute for Diversity 2014 National Leadership and Education Conference. Visit Catalyst Learning (CLC) at Booth #12 where we will be sharing how we help healthcare employers move the needle on:

·         Workforce Development

·         Employee Engagement

·         Patient Satisfaction

·         Front Line Nurse Leadership


Catalyst Learning is nationally known for School at Work® (SAW), a premier career development system for entry-level employees. We also offer training programs for other front-line employees including Expanding Your Career and Healthcare Opportunities® (ECHO) which puts mid-level employees on a nursing, clinical or management pathway. In addition, newly released NCharge® builds the leadership skills and business knowledge of first-level supervisory nurses.

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