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Articles, case studies, and success stories to guide and inspire healthcare HR, Organizational Development, and Clinical professionals.

Tammy Heiler - 2013 Dream Achiever Award Recipient Catalyst Learning

Tammy Heiler began her journey in the School at Work (SAW) program while working as a certified home health aide. Tammy wanted to advance her career, and she recognized the SAW program could help her achieve that goal. After completing the program, Tammy attended the SAW graduation luncheon where she spent time with the CEO, David Tilton. He encouraged Tammy to apply her new knowledge and further advance her career, just as Tammy herself had planned while working as a home health aide. Tammy now works in the Business Office and attributes her career advancement to SAW.

“The SAW program has been a wonderful addition to our employee development offerings, and as we prepare to launch our fifth class, I am confident we will continue to get a great return on this investment,” said Rick Lovering, vice president, Human Resources & Organizational Development. “Many of our SAW graduates, like Tammy, have advanced their careers with AtlantiCare and continued their education. They all continue to be highly engaged employees helping us achieve our vision of building healthy communities!”

“This program has changed my life,” Tammy said. “It gave me the opportunity to brush up on skills that I had forgotten, and I learned new skills.”

"Dream Achievers!" awards recognize professional and personal accomplishments in the health care industry. The awards are part of a nationwide contest sponsored by Catalyst Learning. Catalyst Learning is a leader in healthcare workforce development with an emphasis on strengthening the front-line workers employed in entry- and mid-level positions.

Employers nominate employees for the “Dream Achievers!” award based on an employee’s continuing efforts towards professional education and career achievement, as well as serving as an inspiration to coworkers and members of the community. Nominees were selected through an online voting process hosted by Catalyst Learning.

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