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Navigating the Shift to Outpatient Care chardyadmin
Expanding outpatient services is becoming the norm for some healthcare systems as they look to improve patient care. Naturally, more outpatient visits means fewer inpatient stays, and a shift in how healthcare organizations generate revenue. For many networks, the movement is also forcing widespread cultural and operational changes.
Outpatient care is at the forefront of both short-term and long-term planning as it impacts everything from communicating with patients to employee training to building design.  
Healthcare executives advise the following for integrating outpatient services with inpatient care:  
1.    Cross-train inpatient and outpatient employees so that there is a mutual understanding of different approaches and services.
2.    Ensure that both clinical and non-clinical employees are operating at levels that match their capabilities. Provide education and training opportunities for those who wish to advance their skill sets and careers.
3.    Promote a patient-centric culture that is focused on wellness and preventative care. Improve communications with both patients and their families who support their health.
4.    Help employees understand that profitability is a shared responsibility across the entire network - from hospitals to ambulatory care centers to home care agencies.
The move from inpatient to outpatient care can benefit both patients and healthcare organizations. Systems that invest, build and reorganize to deliver customer-focused care will find themselves one step ahead of this growing trend.
•"Connecting the Divide between Inpatient and Outpatient Care: A comprehensive practice platform blends evidence-based tools with team competency and compassion";
Michelle R. Troseth; Advance Healthcare Network, Executive Insight; August 2013.
•"The Great Migration"; Rebecca Vesely; Hospitals and Health Networks; March 2014.

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