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Articles, case studies, and success stories to guide and inspire healthcare HR, Organizational Development, and Clinical professionals.

Bending the Execution Curve: Implementing Successful Organizational Change in Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations Catalyst Learning
At the Maryland Association of Healthcare Executives recent educational event, expert panelists gathered to share industry best practices in several areas.  Catalyst Learning’s Founder & CEO Lynn Fischer was in attendance and shares these insights on change management. Transformation journeys shake organizations at their foundation.  Employees will experience varying levels of enthusiasm and confidence, so change management is driven by the emotional impact– the people issues “make or break” a program.  Additionally, gaps between what is originally desired by leadership and the reality of what employees are confronted with must be filled. One panelist, Michael Dinneen, MD, PhD, Director, Office of Strategy Management, Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Health Affairs) emphasized that communication is 95 percent of the battle, and changing the nature of the communication between the front-line supervisor and the front line worker is key. Dr. Dinneen also cautioned against “change for change sake” and urged the audience to invest time identifying problems. “We need to really think through what’s wrong before going to solutions,” he explained. Other process steps include:
  1. Empower  Broad Based Actions – Remove barriers to making the change successful
  2. Generate Short Term Wins – Create clear visible success stories early in the process
  3. Consolidate Gains & Produce More Change – Accelerate momentum for change
  4. Anchor the New Approaches in the Culture – recognize and reward new ways of behaving
Here’s a list of more tips and lessons learned that can help healthcare organizations throughout their journey:
  • Engage leaders
  • Understand the voice of the customer
  • Articulate the burning platform.  Convey in a way that all can buy into
  • Identify influence nodes in social network.  Who are the underminers?   The leaders?
  • Tech alone doesn’t improve processes, but tech implement and facility construct provide change opts
  • Do not try to transform large systems all at once
  • Small wins are very big
  • Brand the change through a communication campaign; combine data with mission and emotional messages
In addition to Dr. Dinneen, the panel consisted of:
  • John B. Chessare, MD, FACHE, President/ CEO, Greater Baltimore Medical Center
  • Greg Finnegan, FACHE, Director, Org Development and Training, Johns Hopkins Health System
  • Kevin Vigilante, MD, MPH, Senior Vice President and CMO, Booz Allen Hamilton

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